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At The Sunshine Method, we believe in Equity in Education. We are committed to building communities where every child has access to a quality education in order to reach their fullest potential, something as essential as food, water, and shelter. Our method takes inspiration from the Latin phrase, cura personalis, to provide individualized tutoring and mentoring tailored to each child, meeting them where they are, and building their academic foundation from the ground up- taking into account their unique circumstances and experiences, while appreciating their particular gifts and abilities.

Since 2012, The Sunshine Method has made the commitment to support communities that need it most, focusing our efforts on providing quality education, mentorship and advocacy to children in Foster Care, Children’s Hospitals, Refugee Programs, Exceptional Student Education programs, National School Lunch Programs, and the Private Sector to help bridge the educational achievement gap.

  • Assess

    The Sunshine Method offers complimentary in depth one-on-one diagnostic testing to determine your child's baseline academic performance, personality, and learning style based on Common Core and State Standards.

  • Match

    We embrace what makes your child unique, and with The Sunshine Method's proprietary matching system, we match your child to a highly qualified tutor that can meet their academic needs based on personality, academic subject, and availability. If you are not satisfied with your matched tutor, we will immediately replace your tutor free of charge!

  • Tutor

    The Sunshine Method goes beyond traditional tutoring to provide academic empowerment and mentorship, transforming your child into an engaged, confident, and self-sufficient learner. Our tutors come from a variety of backgrounds including university professors, health care professionals, university students. K-12 Teachers lawyers, and military veterans, all committed to getting to know your child on a personal level to build confidence and self-esteem, the bedrock of academic & more importantly, life success!

  • Track

    Your child's education is as important to us as it is to you. The Sunshine Method works together with you and your child to set both short term and long term goals and monitors monthly progress using a scientific approach to analyze factors of success.

  • Support

    With more than 5 years of demonstrated success working with children from different backgrounds, age groups, and abilities, we go above and beyond with our commitment to provide around the clock support to help your student reach their fullest potential! Whatever it may be, we can take care to that!


The Sunshine Method Advantage


The Sunshine Method’s unique approach to tutoring is designed to empower and engage youth from all backgrounds and abilities to be active and productive leaders in their community while supporting their academic development. Our team is committed to igniting each child’s academic success, regardless of their circumstances, and designing sessions that are both engaging and educational, tailored to each child’s interests. We take the time to get to know each child on a personal level beyond the classroom, conducting a proven one-on-one diagnostic analysis to determine their baseline academic performance, personality, interests, goals, and learning style.

The Sunshine Method Match


Every child is different, so we prioritize getting to know each child from our very first interaction. Identifying their core competencies, interests, and personal goals allows our team to focus on strengthening their academic foundation and building their self-confidence. Much of our children’s success can be found in the proprietary Sunshine Match System, which takes the guesswork out of finding every child the right tutor & mentor to address their unique needs. Moving forward, each child’s personalized Road Map to Success is created in collaboration with tutors, teachers and families to identify and monitor short term and long term goals, paving the way for every child to have the confidence they need to overcome any obstacle and succeed!


The SunChild Foundation is committed to empowering our community’s children through consistent educational programming opportunities. In partnership with our sister company, The Sunshine Method, we are dedicated to changing the paradigm of educational opportunities, one child at a time.


Our Guarantee


Love the first lesson or its free! If you are not completely satisfied with your first session, we will match you with a new tutor, and give you a free lesson on us!

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