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“Injustice Prevails When Hopelessness Persists”

– Bryan Stevenson, Founder/Executive director of the Equal Justice Initiative

Dear Sunshiners,

The events over the last few weeks have left many of us reeling – exhausted, and heartbroken carrying the weight of a burden that is centuries old. As minority leaders who have devoted our lives to educational equity, we know that now is not the time to be silent or sit back.

At our core is the belief that education is the most powerful tool we have to change the world. And as educators, we have a unique role to play in supporting our youth’s development and influencing their perception of the world. Maybe you have started to have conversations with your learners, and for that we say thank you. Or maybe you’re not sure where to start or what to say. We recognize that while it may be an uncomfortable conversation, it is a necessary one.

You are not in this alone.

To our community of Sunshiners, students and families, we see you, and we are here for you. You are the leaders that our communities are seeking. The work that you do everyday has a deep impact at the grassroots level to shape the world around you for the better. As we move forward, we are committed today, and everyday, to support and empower you with any tools or resources that may advance the work you are doing, and guide your conversations or interactions with your learners or your communities.

Enough is Enough.

Now is the time to educate and fully commit ourselves to creating a world where equity is more than just a catchy word. Where Black Lives Matter. Where children can grow up limitless. Now is the time to put in the work so our young people can have a different reality than the one we are confronted with on the news each evening. We can do better. We have a collective responsibility to do better. And there is still so much more work to be done.

Jasmine Khilnani, CEO

Shavon Whitehead, COO