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“Consistency, Community, Commitment”

The Sunshine Method is a transformative one-on-one learning initiative designed to promote education and leadership in youth from diverse backgrounds and experiences. Everything we do, we believe that every child has the right to become self-sufficient life-long learners, capable of reaching their fullest potential. We believe that a quality education is the bedrock to creating opportunities for our children, and that through consistent one-on-one academic empowerment and mentorship, we can propel our children to overcome their challenges and succeed.

We take a grassroots approach to a global issue, and assess each child as a unique individual. The Sunshine Method’s proprietary matching process connectseach child to a tutor that can meet their academic and emotional needs. We create a community to empower our students to succeed by providing consistent mentorship and the latest in academic advances to the communities that need it most. We inspire and train motivated individuals to tutor and mentor students of all ages and abilities in the communities they live in, molding our future leaders into active and confident citizens, curious to explore and question the status quo.

From birth to college and beyond, The Sunshine Method is committed to transforming our children one life and one generation at a time.

The Sunshine Method is based on the principle that every child has the right to a quality education, regardless of their circumstances. With more than 1,000+ children impacted, a team of more than 500+ committed tutors, and more than 40,000+ of academic mentorship over the last 5 years, we take a proven research based approach to go beyond traditional tutoring and ignite our children’spotential to succeed.

Our individualized student plans create achievable benchmarks, and address success both inside and outside of the classroom. With the Sunshine Method, our students become independent critical thinkers, actively engaged in discussion and driven to face new challenges – all with the confidence to accomplish their goals!

The Sunshine Method offers all subjects and levels of academic tutoring and mentoring, K-12 and college level, test prep for ACT, SAT, SSAT and ISEE/FSA, guidance for college applications, and counseling services to assist students interested in college and beyond.

The Sunshine Method bridges the gap that exists in our country’s education system and empowers dedicated individuals in the community looking to make a consistent difference in the lives of children.

Our tutor’s serve an essential part in this mission, playing the role of both tutor and mentor to inspire and motivate their students to succeed!

All Sunshine Method tutors receive level 2 background check clearance and come from a variety of backgrounds, including teachers, college professors, retired teachers, graduate students, lawyers, doctors, nurses, and military veterans – all committed to supporting their student’s success both inside and outside the classroom.