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SunChild Foundation | Get Ex-Static about Science!

Who among us can deny having once been awestruck by the simple pleasure of rubbing a balloon on one’s head and discovering the wonder of static electricity?

Monday evening, the children at The Children’s Home Society shelter were able to experience a similar joy with our SunChild Foundation volunteers while conducting multiple scientific experiments, all with the aim of teaching the children about static electricity. Kids of all ages were able to participate in decorating their own balloons, and were later mesmerized when their toys became powerful tools capable of bending water, moving a soda can across the table, and- yes- even playing a good-natured jest on an unsuspecting victim.

Throughout the activity, the children were introduced to the concepts of energy and static electricity. Older children were able to expand on the knowledge they have begun covering in their elementary and middle school classrooms, while younger children relinquished their balloon fights to join in on the conversation. While the kids worked together to realize the objectives of the lesson, volunteers were reminded of the most powerful force—that of children being children: inspired, inquisitive, and wholeheartedly engrossed in learning about the world they occupy as soon as they are encouraged to do so.